Cancer Nurse Coordinators

The role of the Colorectal Cancer nurse Coordinator is to help facilitate effective communication & collaboration between patient and families, medical and other affiliated cancer care providers.  The nurse coordinators are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team,  and will help patients and families  adjust and come to  terms with the physical, emotional and psycho-social adjustments associated  with a cancer diagnosis.   

Denise Smith and Oonagh Staunton, Colorectal Cancer Nurse Coordinators


The Colorectal Cancer Nurse Coordinator’s  role is multi–faceted, and includes educating and advising  patients and significant others on their cancer diagnosis, investigations required, and future treatment modalities. The nurse coordinators will help both patients & families navigate through this very emotive and challenging time.

The nurse coordinator’s role starts from time of first referral to the colorectal service, and aims to expedite a smooth & timely transit from cancer diagnosis to treatment.  It often involves organising scans and x-rays, consultations and appointments with specialist medical, surgical and affiliated personnel.

Education is an important aspect of the nurse coordinator’s role, the aim being that patients and families will have a clear understanding of their cancer diagnosis and management plan.  The nurse coordinator will educate patients pre-operatively on what to expect in the post-operative setting, however, this information is tailored to meet individual patient needs.

The coordinator will continue to be available to patients during their in-patient hospital stay and will meet with  patients on the wards, providing emotional and psychological support as required. Post discharge,  the colorectal nurse is contactable by phone to advise re potential problems / patient concerns. The cancer coordinator will also assist with follow up  surveillance as per the National Cancer Guidelines.

Overall, the nurse coordinator  acts as a patient advocate ensuring that patient wishes are clearly understood and that the patient is actively involved in all aspects of their care.

Contact Details:

Telephone: +353 1 809 7471